Final project for Art 492
Motion Graphics at Flagler College

My final for this class was totally open! We could make whatever we wanted, and I can not emphasize enough how amazing it was to design for design's sake. As a graphic design student, I am constantly given design challenges based off satisfying some need of a client. Unlike Fine Artists, Graphic Artists are often valued for how well they capture someone else's vision. Having the freedom to create whatever I wanted was refreshing, and healthy for myself as a designer. This piece is inspired by Zodiac, one of the most well known Art Nouveau pieces created by Mucha. I wanted to combine one of my past favorite movements with a current movement going on with art- art as meditation. Go into any book store or craft store today, and I am confident you will see adult coloring books. Just a couple of years ago, this fad was nowhere near as big as it is now. People find relaxation in art with the rhythmic movements of coloring in a shape, and feel satisfaction with completing a work . In my piece, I seek to take a traditional design motif and marry it to meditation. The setting is designed to transport the viewer into a relaxing place, the movements of the audio waveforms move in sync with the music, colors are easy on the eye, and the piece draws itself out methodically. There is a withdrawal of information and lack of completion for a duration of the piece, it is when the profile line is drawn out, that the viewer experiences a sense of completion. To show this satisfaction, that hair simultaneously draws and then seems to breathe.

Music Provided by: Kai Enel
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