Corporate Identity | Promotional​​​​​​​
WHDA is an identity redesign of an Intellectual Property firm. They work with any sized client in any geographical location, with a specialty in Japan and China. A company that works globally needs to be recognized globally. According to Metric Marketing, a strong brand increases credibility, creates a more established appearance, provides a sense of stability to clients, and increases the value of the business.
This new identity will communicate the trust, consistency and versatility that the employees provide their clients. Their high- class performance and work results will be reflected in the quality and consistency of the brand. It will make consumers feel more confident and double as effective marketing. This will be achieved through a new logo, physical signage in successful areas, uni ed office supplies and brochures. The takeaway items such as the supplies and brochure will further advertise the identity and provide brand attachment.
NOTE: The inspiration for the design is a wisdom knot.
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