Tortuga Crew
Community Project | Branding
Tortuga Crew is a new non-profit organization that is making waves in the volunteer community. With an adventurous, salt life vibe and contagious energy, the volunteers feel like they are part of an actual crew. This project fosters that sense of belonging with visual unification. Any team needs a mascot and crew its flag!
The visual unification will be achieved through a logo, crew uniforms for research trips, t-shirts and tank tops whose purchase covers the cost of a turtle tag, and decal stickers. Being a new organization, the crew needs to become recognized, establish a reputation with their look to foster trust, and appear official. According to Adam Soreff, Director of Marketing at UniFirst, work uniforms promote the organization, foster team spirit, promote company pride, and doubles as free advertising.
In being a non-profit, any money spent needs to be spent wisely. The t-shirts and decals also double as merchandise and advertising. This form of advertising is trendy, does not live on a time frame, and is not bound to a location. Any pictures featuring these elements can be given more depth on social digital media accounts.
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