Tom’s of Maine
Advertising | Environmental 

The Tom’s of Maine advertising campaign draws consumer attention to what makes Tom’s a “good” choice: good for personal health, good for the environment, good for the global community. Doctors are releasing more recommendations and lists of harmful products found in consumed items as consumers are wanting to know what’s going into their products. The trend of going green is increasing, and the demand for cruelty free products is gaining preventative laws in states across the U.S. Tom’s is what the people want.
First though, they have to know it. In being an advertising campaign that generates more awareness for a non-main brand toothpaste (such as Colgate or Crest), Tom’s of Maine must take on a different approach and use its strengths. This campaign highlights Tom’s “goodness goals” through a billboard, magazine and interactive game installation in a way that is bound to capture interest.
*This project is TM for future pitch
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