Category 6
Product Design | Branding

Dr. Jonathan Fader, sports psychologist for the New York Mets, says “When you put on new fitness gear, you begin to get into character like an actor putting on a costume for a performance. As a result, you expect to have a better performance, making you more mentally prepared for the task.” Women’s fitness gear has become a booming market. Its trends on Instagram have shot up to high end designers and clothing companies. Category 6 products will be focused on performance as wearing the right clothing improves it. What makes it special is that every product bought will have a percentage donated to a disaster relief fund.

Category 6 will aim to create a team amongst its consumers. Items bought from Category 6 will be specially packaged and have a “Welcome to the Team” note inside for first time buyers. According to, “plenty of savvy startups are mastering the unboxing experience.” They go on to mention the iconic, Tiffany Blue box that is almost as recognizable as the jewelry itself. As popularity and recognizably increase, one Category 6’s goals is to partner up with stadiums post natural disasters and hold games with ticket sales going to disaster victims.
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