Arctic Reservations
Rebranding | Print | Motion Graphics​​​​​​​
Arctic Reservations is a national company that specializes in software reservation systems. While their client base was expanding, their recognizability was not, thus resulting in a desire to rebrand. Since Arctic already had a design direction, it was important to include key principals they wanted to communicate: clean, sharp, and efficient.
To be sure everyone was excited and on the same page about the rebrand, I broke it down into stages of development:
1) Moodboards: Establish type choices, imagery, feel/mood
2) Comps: Non-final forms of logos created from the desired features of the moldboards
3) Digital Mockups: To provide a visual for how the designs look applied
4) Final Edits

Once the new logo was established, office materials, animations, and print work for the AO shows began!
NOTE: Arctic mailed out the t-shirt to some clients with the new design and those who attended the show wore them. Active use without prompt is a great indicator that the design has resonated with the client's clients!

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